Waku Waku

Waku Waku is a new Japanese restaurant in the Melbourne CBD, capturing the understated elegance and simplicity of wabi-sabi in an inviting interior coupled with an iconic brand identity. We embraced the ancient Japanese philosophy, which finds beauty within imperfection and transience through a highly textured palette, celebrating the natural aesthetics of materiality. Herringbone timber flooring, tan-coloured porcelain tiles and soft-clay rough-cast rendered walls create a warm and intimate space. The travertine titanium counter and tabletops, chestnut-stained timber seating and sand-coloured crinkled leather upholstery add further tactility to the dining experience. This palette reveals and highlights the irregularities and textures of natural materials, fostering an appreciation of beauty and a sense of tranquillity while customers enjoy a dine-in meal.

LocationMelbourne, AustraliaCategoryHospitality, BrandCompletion2023ServicesInterior Design, Brand Identity, WebsitePhotographyTimothy KayeWebsitewakuwaku.au

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