Akme (a derivative of ‘acme,’ meaning the highest point of achievement) is a Melbourne beauty salon transcending emblematic expectations in both atmosphere and aesthetics. Elegant and minimalist form unifies interiors, styling and branding to shape a place that eschews clinical design to cultivate an inviting sense of sanctuary in the heart of South Yarra’s urban milieu. Across two levels, a curation of neutral tones defines a considered approach to materiality which draws attention to natural patinas and textures, accentuating the tangible warmth and enduring beauty of each and imbuing harmony and balance throughout.

Akme falls effortlessly into rhythm with discerning lifestyle patterns, advocating for luxurious self-care through design gestures which place emphasis on wellness and ritual and allow clients to rediscover their inner and outer allure as the epitome of natural beauty.

LocationMelbourne, AustraliaCategoryCommercial, BrandCompletion2022ServicesInterior Design, Naming & BrandingBuilderMIC ProjectsPhotographyTimothy Kaye

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