The Local Project features our latest residential project in Melbourne, Rebecca Judd’s Forever Home.

[Extract] The concept of a ‘forever home’ speaks to ideas of connection to place, of putting down roots and investing in creating a home that truly befits one’s lifestyle. For Melbourne design practice Biasol, Rebecca Judd’s Forever Home represented an opportunity to engage with these ideas, and to create a contemporary response to the original Spanish Colonial home.

With busy lifestyles and a family of four young children, “Bec and Chris needed their home to work in a number of ways – as an escape from their busy schedules, a place where they can easily bond with their family and a space to truly entertain,” explains Jean-Pierre Biasol. Above all, the project was driven by their desire for a ‘forever home’. Aesthetically, this meant “a place that embraced modernism and clean lines and that retained the charm of the existing fabrics of their Spanish Colonial property,” Jean-Pierre says. “For us, the concept resonated with our studio perfectly. We were able to expand on the European concept and retain its charm with our modern approach to design and filter that through a very Melbourne design aesthetic.”

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