The Local Project features our modern arch mirror Tondo

The Local Project celebrates extraordinary design to an inspired community. Through their print magazine, website and social media presence, Aidan and his amazing team showcase the latest in local design, explore current questions, ideas and conversations, and provide a platform through which to advocate for the ongoing value of authentic design in Australia.

[Extract] Responding to a recognised need for products that speak to their attuned aesthetic, and allowing for customisation and controlled production, Biasol has designed the Tondo Collection as part of the studio’s new product series. As a team of multi-disciplinary designers, Biasol’s in-house product design experience is able to be fully utilised on more than just a per-project basis but across standalone product ranges as well. The Tondo Collection is a series of mirrors, inspired by the modern arch, that speak to a contemporary, minimalist approach. The overall intent is to create a collection of objects that Biasol would typically specify in the studio’s interiors projects, and to recoup control over all elements from inception to production. This control also allows for further customisation as needed.

View the article by Bronwyn Marshall here.

View the Tondo Collection here.