The Saturday Indesign 2020 Ambassadors are announced.

[Extract] These are the movers and shakers of the design industry and they’re here to make the most anticipated event on the calendar the best it can be. Introducing our Saturday Indesign Ambassadors…

We searched high and low to find just the right people for the job. Covering hospitality, residential and workplace design, as well as architecture, interior design and lighting – it’s time to reveal the faces for Saturday Indesign 2020.

Returning to Melbourne on June 20, 2020, Saturday Indesign is an event to mark in your diaries now! For more than 15 years Saturday Indesign has been a beloved fixture, venturing to nearly every capital city and over to Singapore. Bringing the best suppliers and products together with the industry in an inspiring showcase of design discussions, presentations, workshops and installations, Saturday Indesign is the perfect place for you to forge friendships and build your design knowledge and kudos.

So who are the people we’ve asked to represent it? 

Meet the Saturday Indesign 2020 Ambassadors here.

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