Pine Nut Cycle Café

Pine Nut Cycle Café is a health-focused café with bike rental service located in South Lake Tahoe, California – the ultimate vacation spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Taking a holistic approach to the brand and interior experience, we integrated the design of Pine Nut Cycle Café with the natural surroundings through an earthy, minimalist palette; local materiality; and considered, custom detailing. Soft greys and greens evoke the pine forest landscape, and timber joinery honours the local craftsmanship tradition, while creating a refreshing, modern and welcoming space. Inspired by the union of nature and craft, the brand identity utilises nature-inspired hues, recycled paper stocks and crafted brand marks with a bespoke feel. These also define the internal wayfinding system.

A one-of-a-kind destination, Pine Nut Cycle Café nourishes the soul with the spirit of wellness and adventure and sets a new benchmark in hospitality and service in the South Lake Tahoe area.

LocationSouth Lake Tahoe, California USACategoryBrand, HospitalityCompletion2021ServicesInterior Design, BrandingPhotographyCodi Ann & Spencer

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