No. 19

Spanning both interiors and branding, our concept was an elegant, timeless space inspired by the Greek delicatessens that flourished around Melbourne in the 1950s. Located in a busy shopping strip, the site offered a promising starting point – 4.5-metre ceilings, skylights that flood the space with natural light, and a deep rectangular footprint.

A key priority in this project was to develop a strong relationship between the interior design and the brand itself. Every element – from the menus and coasters to the deli paper and crockery – has been carefully conceived, reflecting our integrated approach.

LocationAscot Vale, AustraliaCategoryBrandCompletion2016ServicesBrand Identity, Signage & Wayfinding, Menu Design, Print Collateral, Takeaway Packaging, Website Design, Interior DesignPhotographyAri Hatzis, James Morgan, Ben

Privacy Preference Center