Middle South East

The restaurant merges contemporary Australian dining with Middle Eastern hospitality, expressed through its culinary offering and a richly layered design. With our team behind interiors and branding, we developed the venue name as a reference to its cultural provenance and its location at South Yarra’s recently rebranded 670 Chapel Street centre.

Middle South East was imbued with light and dark shades of terracotta, deep blues and sunset gradients ensuring an elegant and timeless design. A huge factor in the identity of Middle South East was the use of colour and language. We evoked inclusive messaging across printed collateral. The minimal brand approach gave way to the intricate detailing and colours of the interior design making for a cohesive and understated brand.

LocationSouth Yarra, AustraliaCategoryBrandCompletion2017ServicesNaming, Brand Identity, Signage & Wayfinding, Menu Design, Print Collateral, Takeaway Packaging, Interior DesignPhotographyTom Blachford, James Morgan, Ben Macri

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