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For our second interview, we’re celebrating Zepel Fabrics, a textile brand with over 40 years of experience providing high quality Australian and European fabrics to residential and commercial projects. In conversation with Product Developer Bonnie Mack, we discuss Zepel’s commitment to sustainability and the inspiration behind their latest textile collections, including Fontaine, a rich bouclé recently featured with our Comoda Armchair.

How would you describe your company in three words?

Innovative, Functional, Quality.

What makes Zepel textiles special?

Zepel’s key focus is providing high quality fabrics that are tailored to numerous lifestyles, technical requirements, yet reflect current trends in textiles design. Our offering of ‘high-performance’ fabrics is our particular strength, where we provide solutions for fabric exposed to rigours of everyday life – accidental spills, dirt, UV, moisture, high-use and outdoor environments. Our life-friendly textiles are durable, easy to clean, modern and epitomise everyday luxury.

How has the textile industry changed over the last decade?

Innovation in yarn manufacturing and technology. It’s exciting to see recycled yarns taking up fabric compositions, because it means they can perform as well as regular yarns. This is the result of countless hours of work from many, many hands.

What is the most popular fabric or collection specified?

Our Lux Velvet is quite outstanding. It feels like butter in 100% cotton, and is available in over 40 colours.

Sustainability is an ongoing process of improvement, how is Zepel addressing sustainability?

This year, Zepel implemented a recycling program for our discarded textiles and off-cut pieces. Once a substantial amount of fabric is collected on site, it is transported to a facility for sorting into colour and similar compositions, before being shredded and re-spun into new yarn. This program extends to our customer base.

What is your favourite collection and why?

We recently launched ‘Eco’, a collection which showcases fabrics composed of recycled and organic yarns. We see this offering expanding and continuing to evolve.

What are some key styles or trends you are seeing in 2022?

Colour wise, I love the desaturated greens, dusty blues and earthy tones coming through. It is great to see Australia’s colour palette develop into something that reflects our light and character. It is a unique palette that offers a lot to work with.

What is your favourite go-to place to appreciate design?

North Carlton Ceramics by Valerie Restarick. So much visual interest and depth of her glazes. This is right behind my house, so I often find myself dreaming at the window.

Gardens and bushland. Sunday Reeds walled garden at Heidi museum.

What is your favourite place to dine in?

I love the energy that’s gone into Hope St Radio in Collingwood. The illustrations on the walls, the wine list, the sound track – j’adore! Or if it is Saturday, any Vietnamese from Footscray – Sapa Hills is delicious.

Favourite online source for inspiration?

I cannot deny Instagram as my favourite. These accounts are particularly beautiful:

80smodern – Scanned images from Interior magazines from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Persephonevint – Vintage fashion. Incredible fabric references.

Shane Gabier – Ceramicist. Particularly love the forms and photography.

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

Swimming in nature and visiting friends and family outside of 5km!

Bonnie, thank you for being part of our Q&A Series. You can find a selection of Zepel textiles and upholstery used across our stools, armchairs, sofas and interior projects.

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Image credits by appearance, Delphine textile by Zepel, image courtesy of Zepel. Comoda Armchair upholstered in Fontaine by Zepel, image courtesy of Zepel. Zepel textile samples, image courtesy of Zepel. Comoda Sofa upholstered in Lux Velvet, photography by Timothy Kaye. Insight Body and Mind featuring Zepel Allusion sheer curtains, photography by Timothy Kaye.