Architecture Media ft. Sisterhood

[Extract] Despite being described as a waterfront suburb, Sandy Bay – just outside Hobart’s CBD – has a retail centre that defies this reference. An eclectic range of retail, hospitality and other service providers cluster around one main road, with little to define the place beyond the proximity between traders. Sisterhood, designed by Melbourne practice Biasol, carves a slightly newer path for this area and reclaims a waterfront feel in a large cafe just off the main shopping strip.

Fresh from a trip to Tulum, on the coast of Mexico, Jean-Pierre Biasol felt that the relaxed and charming interiors he had experienced on his holiday could be inspiration for this eatery, just a few minutes walk from a beach and marina. This aesthetic was a match with the business owner’s brief for Sisterhood as a warm, accessible cafe welcoming a diverse clientele, from toddlers to grandmothers, with large groups just as easy to accommodate as solo diners. The owner also wanted an interior that matched the high-quality produce and food offering Tasmania is known for.

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