The Local Project features our latest residential project in Melbourne, Casa Chiaroscuro.

[Extract] Through a balancing of light and dark, Casa Chiaroscuro references an Italian principle of fine art to emphasising volume through contrast. Biasol brings a modern sophistication through materiality and detail to create a contemporary home of clean lines and a minimal palette.

Though usually reserved for application in fine art, Casa Chiaroscuro successfully interprets the Italian methodology of Chiaroscuro in an architectural context, balancing light and dark as a means to emphasise volume through contrast. Biasol brings a modern sensibility and refined sophistication to the resulting family home, where attention to clean lines and nuanced details express materiality and texture. This contemporary home conveys a deliberate restraint to evoke a sense of calm, and through its minimal palette allows for an expression of core materials to be highlighted in play with the incoming natural light.

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