est Living features our latest residential project in Melbourne, Casa Atrio.

[Extract] Biasol show us distinguished European style in a Melbourne home by paying tribute to its Italian-inspired heritage with classic French design.

The European influence in Biasol’s work is plain to see. But why? A little while ago we sought an answer, when we sat down for a chat with director of the Melbourne firm Jean-Pierre Biasol. We learned it had developed from both his Italian background and experiences in the epicentre of the design world (Europe). So it makes perfect sense that Jean-Pierre and his team were asked to lead the design intervention of an Italianate-style terrace.

With the Italian name to match, it’s clear Casa Atrio is proud of its heritage bones and how they’ve been preserved. The Victorian-era home is from a time characterised by the ornate and unique to Melbourne, fuelled by the prosperity of the gold rush in the late nineteenth century. But the home’s not hanging onto the past – rather letting a family take pleasure in the light, connection and added plant-life brought about by the steel-frame openings. Thanks to Biasol, it dabbles in the elegant detailing of a classic Parisian apartment, custom furniture and plenty of spaces to gather.

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