Nice article by Sophia Watson for Habitus Living on The Budapest Cafe

[Extract] Nestled in the cinematic urban landscape of Chengdu, China, is a blockbuster destination with whimsical character and international appeal. The Budapest Café is inspired by Director Wes Anderson’s distinctive visual style and Melbourne’s signature café culture.

Every interior designer on the planet is talking about creative cross-pollination – AKA borrowing from outside the industry. But while many are talking about it – few are doing it well. Creatively integrating aspects of an outside source into interior design requires great design intelligence, foresight and finesse.

Belonging to this select few is Melbourne-based design studio Biasol. Their most recent project, The Budapest Café, is a whimsical hospitality project in China’s Chengdu providence. The film inspired design guided by the unmistakably nostalgic, nuanced cinematic style of art-house director, Wes Anderson.

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