Australian Traveller reviews our very own Kitty Burns

[Extract] Taking cues from Abbotsford’s iconic vintage Skipping Girl sign to create the imaginary Kitty Burns persona, Biasol have brought playfulness and structure to this award-winning Yarra Bend cafe.

Having taken out the international cafe category in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London and gold in the Melbourne Design Awards, Kitty Burns – with her soothing Yarra Bend hues and bright light – is already a classic.

Playing on the story of the beloved Abbotsford Skipping Girl Vinegar neon sign and the two girls upon whom it was supposedly modelled, Kitty Minogue and Bobby Burns, Biasol: Design Studio set about imagining a personality for the cafe that was both playful and structured.

Pitched roofs, lime-washed timbers and cladding give a feeling of sophistication without being too serious.

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