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For our inaugural interview, we discuss the spirit that characterises Pelle Leathers, an eminent Australian brand anchored by holistic methodologies to produce materials of sensorial beauty. In conversation with director and founder Andrew Spanswick, we discuss Pelle Leathers’ pursuit of environmental and aesthetic excellence, informing our longstanding collaboration to produce quality and durable product collections.

Tell us about yourself and your role at Pelle Leathers.

My name is Andrew Spanswick, director and founder of Pelle Leathers.

Pelle Leathers was founded in 2002. My role includes the selection of each range in the Pelle Leathers collection and introducing new ranges. I also play an integral sales role within the company, as I like to adopt a hands-on approach with all our customers.

How would you describe your company in three words?

Quality, Service, Environmental.

What makes Pelle Leathers so special?

Quality is paramount and is at the absolute forefront of our business. Our pursuit of excellence in product quality, colour range, suitability for application and environmental certification is at the core of our business. We have four GreenTag certified ranges in our collection – the only company in Australia with this certification. Our commitment to excellence extends to meeting customers’ needs for innovative products and providing the highest standards of customer service backed with honest, reliable advice.

How has the leather industry changed over the last decade?

In the last 10 years in the EU, there has been the elimination of harmful substances in the tanning process. All of our tanneries are Eco label certified. Water treatment plants onsite at many tanneries are integral to their control and overall commitment to the environment.

What is the most popular leather or collection specified?

The most popular ranges specified are Panorama and Vienna, due to their expansive colour palette and quality.

Sustainability is an ongoing process of improvement. How is Pelle Leathers addressing sustainability?

We presently have four ranges that are Global GreenTag certified. All other ranges in our collection are Eco label certified. Any new ranges in our collection are produced by Eco label certified tanneries to ensure transparency. We consolidate all our orders for airfreight from each tannery to minimise environmental impact.

What is your favourite collection and why?

My favourite collection is Vienna, a true Semi Aniline produced in Germany by a tannery that is almost 100 years old. They source all of their raw material within 500km of the tannery, and one third of their power is from a thermal heat exchanger. Each hide can also be traced back to the farm gate. Vienna provides excellent seating comfort with a natural grain, but is highly durable and has a high light fastness.

What are some key styles or trends you are seeing in 2022?

We are seeing high-end Aniline leather ranges with a pebbled natural grain, natural earth tones and a protection on the surface to resist spillages. Also, a pigmented leather that is anti-bacterial and anti-viral treated, whereby viruses or bacteria do not survive or replicate.

What are your favourite go-to place to appreciate design?

Berlin and Stuttgart in Germany, and Milan and Verona in Italy.

Where are your favourite places to dine in?

Bistro Thierry in Melbourne, and Sails Restaurant in Noosa Heads.

What is your favourite online source for inspiration?


What are you looking forward to in 2022?

World peace and good health for all.


Andrew, thank you for being part of our Q&A Series. You can find a quality selection of Pelle Leathers used across our stools, armchairs, sofas and bespoke seating designs for our interior projects.

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Image credits by appearance, Comoda Armchair photography by Timothy Kaye. Tre Mezzo Leather Upholstery Stool featured in Red Hill by Inform, photography by James Geer and styling by Bek Sheppard. Tre Mezzo featured in Brighton East 3 by Inform, photography by Timothy Kaye and styling by Bek Sheppard. Comoda Armchair featured in Dulux + The Design Files Campaign photography by Lisa Cohen and styling by Bree Leech. Toledo leathers image courtesy of Pelle Leathers.