est ft. Scalpellino House

[Extract] Biasol pay tribute to a Melbourne family’s history in the art of stonemasonry through their striking Scalpellino House.

Scalpellino is the Italian translation for the age-old craft of stonemasonry. It’s a name befitting to Melbourne design studio Biasol’s latest project; an arresting home for the Bartucca family of Bartucca Tiling and Construction. The Bartucca family are successive generations of stonemasons; tracing back to the legacy of Italian-born Frank Bartucca who grew up in Rome. Frank Bartucca worked as a stonemason from the age of 13 and passed on his passion and skills for the profession through the family business in Melbourne.

Backed by his own Italian roots, Biasol director Jean-Pierre has recited the Bartucca family’s fervent appreciation for natural stone from the front entrance of the Scalpellino House. Just as in Biasol’s Casa Chiaroscuro project, where natural light juxtaposes dark surfaces, the Scalpellino House studies the beauty and craftsmanship of stone in the home.

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