The Local Project ft. The Comoda Sofa by Biasol

[Extract] Inspired by comfort and craft, the Comoda Sofa is a modular system for both residential and commercial environments that captures a sense of timelessness. Conceived in Melbourne by Biasol and manufactured in collaboration with Molmic, the system was born from a need for dynamism, comfort and sustainability.

Embodying a sense of calm through its curved and sinuous lines, the Comoda Sofa is designed as a point around which to gather and connect. Its feminine curves, bold base and floating backrest element echo a generosity of proportion, offering a sculptural addition to any space. Designed by Biasol Studio from a want to combine unparalleled comfort with craft, tradition and sustainability, the modular system can be configured to suit a variety of environments and adapted to differing-shaped spaces. Suitable for both residential and commercial application, the system expresses the current climate in which working remotely from home sees our residential setting required to fulfil the role of the workplace, while, conversely, we are intuitively seeking familiar comforts within the work environment.

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