Celebrating a Legacy – Scalpellino House by Biasol

[Extract] Scalpellino House celebrates the craft, artisanry and art of stonemasonry and the Bartucca family’s history of working with stone. Biasol, together with Architecton, combine heightened luxury and quality in expressing the family’s legacy.

Originally from Italy, Frank Bartucca grew up in Rome and commenced working with stone, honing his understanding and appreciation of the craft from a young age. As one of the earliest professions, stonemasonry has a long lineage in architectural and art history and now plays an important part in understanding those histories through the sculpted remains. Connecting to the client’ own history, and the resulting Bartucca Tiling and Construction company that has evolved over the years, stone is the hero material in this home and its liberal use acts as a showcase of both the material and the craft of stonemasonry.

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